Day Dreamer

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The champion series of ascoli of Canale 5

Day Dreamer is the new series aired on Channel 5 that stages a calembour of emotions, intrigues and passion, including the presence of Can Yaman, the sex symbol protagonist of the beloved Bitter Sweet. Yaman plays Can Divit, a talented photographer and rebellious spirit, who loves travel and nature. Back in the capital, he takes over his father's business - a well-known advertising agency - with his brother Emre, a gray accountant, serious and dedicated to work. The two boys' stories are intertwined with that of the shy and dreamy Sanem Aydın (Demet Özdemir), whose dream is to become a writer and move to the Galapagos. To make ends meet, the young woman helps her father in the family grocery store in a popular part of town. And, to become independent, Sanem finds work in the agency where his sister is also employed. This is where the girl will meet Can ...